How To Take Advantage of Blog Action Day When You Don’t Really Care

October 15th, 2007

As you all should know, this year’s theme for the Blog Action Day is the environment. However, as I feared, many bloggers decided to take advantage of this event to show just how indifferent they are to this subject.

Their reasoning is simple:

1. I find out that an important event will take place on the blogosphere.

2. I realise I should participate because that will give me another chance to promote my blog.

3. Since I don’t really care for all this environmental blah blah, when the day comes I blatantly express my skepticism and/or indifference in my post. I state that “I’m only blogging about it because I don’t have anything better to write about today.” Or I explain why I think this global warming issue is just for the silly.

4. My post turns out to be controversial. Controversy is good for my blog. I’m going to get more visitors!

5. If someone criticises me for my attitude, I tell him/her that I’m entitled to an opinion just like everyone else. Oh, and I make sure to sound dry and/or sarcastic.

6. Hopefully this will make some people angry, they’ll try to reply back and the controversy will continue. More visitors! More exposure!

See? It’s so easy, isn’t it?

Perhaps too easy.

If you think your readers are all naif and won’t be able to notice your real intentions… think again. And know that such behaviour may even hurt your reputation and make you lose visitors, no matter the initial surge of traffic generated by your pre-made controversy.

Keep in mind that if you want to blog for a cause, you should be truly interested in it. Otherwise, look for another cause to support. Or just don’t support any at all. Blog about things you care for and believe in. And don’t make us readers feel like we’ve been fooled by a blogger who is only worried about his/her own stuff.

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